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How to become Parisian with my show in Paris

Looking for a show in Paris tonight? A show in English that tells you all about Parisians, because you dream of becoming a Parisian or understanding them better?

Look no further! Come and see: Oh my god she's Parisian! The show in English by a real Parisian!

YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME TO SEE MY SHOW THIS TIME? Don't worry Here is my guide to act like a true Parisian in a few steps!

But first, here's how to become a Parisian with my little guide to adapt to Parisian life!

Do you dream of becoming a Parisian, but you come from another French city or from abroad? Don't panic! Although Paris may seem intimidating at first, it's perfectly possible to adapt and live like a true Parisian. Whether it's by adopting local habits, mastering the subtleties of Parisian culture, or blending in with the scenery, there are many ways to make yourself at home in this fascinating city. Here are ten essential tips to make you a true Parisian, and fully enjoy the magic of the City of Light.

Here are some of my tips for becoming a true Parisian if you don't have time to come and see my show in English at the Bo Saint-Martin theater.

My 10 tips to be Parisian


line 6 of the aerial metro in Paris
Parisian aerial metro line 6

Photo de Louis Paulin sur Unsplash

Paris has one of the most extensive and complex metro networks in the world. To feel like a Parisian, familiarize yourself with the lines and connections. Download a metro app to avoid looking lost and find out quickly which line to take to your destination. Knowing tricks like the secret corridors between certain stations can also make you a real insider.

This is one of the tips I give in my English-language show in Paris, Oh my God she's Parisian! If you want to survive in Paris, you'd better know how to take the metro and fight!


When you arrive at a café or restaurant, always say "Bonjour" before ordering. Politeness is highly appreciated and an integral part of Parisian life. Even if Parisians can sometimes seem rushed or a little cold, a little touch of courtesy can make all the difference (and don't get formal if the waiter doesn't respond to your "bonjour" - it's normal!).


I will let you look at what it means in the Dictionary!

That speaks for itself! But in my show in English, I explain all the secrets of this "catch-all" word, which ranges from the very negative to the very positive!


A true Parisian experience includes having a coffee on a terrace, even in winter thanks to outdoor heaters (which are forbidden, but hey. This is Paris, so it's not always respected!)... Watch the passers-by, read a book, or chat with a friend while enjoying the unique atmosphere of Parisian cafés and the fake bad mood of the waiters (even if sometimes they really are in a bad mood!).

In my first stand-up show in English, I had a sketch about the bad-tempered waiter (I imitated a waiter at the Café de Flore!) who told the worst-dressed people to go and sit in the last row so they'd be seen less!


To live like a true Parisian, shop at local markets rather than supermarkets. The Bastille, Aligre or Enfants Rouges markets are perfect for buying fresh produce and meeting local shopkeepers. It's also a great way to discover regional and seasonal produce, and of course, don't forget to criticize a little by saying "it's way too expensive".

don't miss the Parisian food markets
you will find great food on the Paris markets

Photo de GG LeMere sur Unsplash


Paris is full of museums, art galleries and theaters. Enjoy temporary exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou, classics at the Louvre or shows at the Opéra Garnier. Parisians love culture, and taking part in these activities will help you fit in, and Paris has the second largest number of theaters in the world after Buenos Aires! In fact, the theater where I perform my one-man show in English is called the Bo Saint-Martin, and it's made a real name for itself on the Paris stand-up comedy scene!


Parisian fashion is known for its chic simplicity. Invest in a few timeless basics like a sailor suit, a trench coat and a pair of elegant shoes. Parisian fashion often favors neutral colors and classic cuts. Paris fashion often favors neutral colors and classic cuts. We like long-lasting basics! In my English show, I have a very funny sketch about a typical Parisian store assistant!


Explore Paris' many restaurants and bistros to sample French cuisine. Try traditional dishes such as boeuf bourguignon, escargots and crêpes. Don't forget to try viennoiseries in local bakeries, such as croissants and pains au chocolat, and please pronounce "pain au chocolat" better than Emily in Paris!


Paris is a lively city with many events throughout the year. Attend festivals, Christmas markets, open-air exhibitions or free concerts. Parisians love to take advantage of the cultural and social activities available in the city.

USE THE VELIB': The funniest sketch of my show in English!

the best way to visit Paris: Velib
velib are a great way to visit Paris

Photo by Frédéric Barriol on Unsplash

To get around like a Parisian, use the Vélib' self-service bicycles. It's an ecological and practical way to get around the city, and lets you discover Paris at your own pace. Parisians are increasingly using this mode of transport to avoid the traffic jams that are so horrible in Paris, and it's also a great way to stay active and keep your figure as a true Parisian and to run plenty of red lights (it's very bad, but it's a true Parisian thing to do), and it's a guaranteed laugh during my show in English when I explain how we spend our time giving pedestrians the right of way!


Parisians like to take their time and enjoy life, as we say in France: the French work to live, not the other way around! So after work, stroll through public gardens like the Jardin du Luxembourg or the Tuileries, enjoy long summer evenings on the banks of the Seine, and learn to savor every moment. Living in Paris also means knowing how to enjoy the beauty of the city and its little daily pleasures.

And that's it! You know almost everything... and for the rest I'll leave you to discover the subtleties of Parisian life!

And finally, once you've settled down in Paname, I suggest you come and see my show in English: "Oh My God She's Parisian": the must-see show to become a true Parisian, or understanding them better!

the show to see in Paris tonight
Show in Paris tonight

Do you dream of living in Paris, blending in with the Parisian crowd and adopting the laid-back Parisian lifestyle? Then don't miss my show "Oh My God She's Parisian"! This unique one-woman show is the key to discovering all the secrets of Parisian life and transforming you into a true Parisian in no time.

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, I'll reveal with humor and authenticity what makes Parisians so special. You'll learn how to navigate the metro like a pro, enjoy a coffee on a terrace while observing passers-by, and appreciate the little quirks and great passions that make the capital so charming.

with this one-woman show in english, you'll become a true parisian!

You'll discover how Parisians master the art of "Parisian politeness", why they're so proud of their city, and how they affectionately criticize Paris.

My show is much more than just a humorous performance: it's a lively, practical guide for anyone wishing to integrate into Parisian life. Thanks to hilarious anecdotes and sound advice, you'll leave with the keys to feeling at home and adopting Parisian codes, like the word Parisians use most every day: "PUTAIN! This word must become a staple of your vocabulary here!

So, whether you're a newcomer or just curious to understand Parisians better, "Oh My God She's Parisian" is the English-language show you don't want to miss. Join me for an unforgettable evening of laughter and discovery, and leave feeling more Parisian than ever.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to plunge into the heart of Parisian culture! Book your tickets now and get ready to experience Paris like a true Parisian. See you soon at the theater in Paris in English! You can buy your tickets on the website below:

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