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the english stand-up comedy to see in paris!


julie collas talks about her show in english with Laurent Ruquier at TV show club premièEre

"It's really a show for everybody, people visting the capital as well as French people!"

stand-up en anglais à Paris sur les parisiens, julie collas.jpeg

Voltage radio:
julie collas explains why Paris has become a bit clichée but our everyday reality is different!

When you think of Paris, you think of romance, berets, baguettes and the Eiffel Tower. An image strengthened by TV shows like "Emily in Paris". But the reality that we live in the capital is quite different. And it is this reality that Julie Collas wanted to show with humour via her show "OH MY GOD SHE'S PARISIAN!"

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parisians are not rude nor perfect!

"Elegant? No way! Comedian Julie Collas breaks with the clichés of the perfect Parisian woman."

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it's the fiRst one-woman show entirely in english

"French people love black humour!"

French comedian Julie Collas has created the first one-woman show in Paris entirely in English.
More than 5,000 people went to see "Oh My God She's a Parisian" in its first year.
A discussion of her success, her evolution over time and the courage it took for her to give up a career in law and break into comedy:

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Comedian Julie Collas helps residents make fun of themselves


"100% Pure Parisian: Comedian Julie Collas helps residents make fun of themselves.Parisians may not be known for their broad smiles, but one comedian is teaching them to laugh at themselves.Julie Collas' show "Oh My God She's Parisian" debunks some of the clichés surrounding the city of lights.She also gives foreigners an accessible insight into La Vie Parisienne as her show is in English.

LE PARISIEN Week end 190118 Julie COLLAS - copie.jpg

Le parisien:  JUlie collas says why Paris needs more shows in english.

"Remember her name: Julie Collas as a very original Parisian!"For an hour, Julie Collas talks about Paris in her show 100% in English.It was ranked by the Paris Visitors Bureau in the Top 10 of the best shows to see in Paris. A sulphate attack on the glamorous image of Paris: everything from dirty pavements to the price of coffee...

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ELLE greece

 Throughout his hour-long stand-up, Collas plays a host of colourful characters, including French president Emmanuel Macron himself - in a rather indiscreet embrace. His 'slow-motion' scene involving parents and schoolchildren is a hilarious parody of the French in everyday life.

Stand up humour en anglais à Paris.jpg


The show demolishes the myth of the elegant Parisian, pokes fun at political couples such as President Macron and Brigitte and Donald Trump and Melania, and immerses the audience in the psyche of rude Parisians, waiters and underground riders, childcare issues and more.

Although she is a newcomer to the comedy scene, Collas, who decided to turn her life around after the Bataclan terrorist attack in November 2015, attracts audiences from all over the world eager for a hilarious crash course in the 'real Paris'.

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