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the comedy show in paris
you can't miss! 

a comedy show 100% about Paris

This is the only stand-up comedy in Paris performed entirely in English by a true Parisian ... which has already been seen by more than 30,000 spectators in only 3 years existence!

Julie is back with her new stand-up show 100% in English in Paris with a scathing humour that follows the Parisian current events while making the most of the improvisation with the audience!

Only a real Parisian woman can tell you about the city of Paris as Julie knows it. Yes, it's in English (but it's a French woman speaking) and everyone can understand her!


In her new show, laughter is guaranteed when Julie tells you about the legendary negative mood of Parisians, the way Parisians raise their kids, how to prepare a true Parisian diner the and so many other things you can only know if you are a real Parisian...

the french comedian of the show in english in paris julie collas
julie collas on stage at theatre bo saint-martin where you can find english speaking shows
julie collas is the humorist of the english stand up comedy in paris oh my god she's parisian
julie collas improvises with the audience of oh my god she's parisian
watch the best english improvisations with julie collas in oh my god she's parisian
where can you english stand-up in paris at theatre Bo Saint-martin with oh my god she's parisian
trailer of the new show to see in paris by julie collas oh my god she's parisian
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