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The comedy show in Paris 100% in English that you can't miss!

At last a show that is ONLY about Parisians!

This is the only stand-up comedy in Paris performed entirely in English by a true Parisian ... which has already been seen by more than 30,000 spectators in only 3 years existence!

Julie is back with her new stand-up show 100% in English in Paris with a scathing humour that follows the Parisian current events while making the most of the improvisation with the audience!

Only a real Parisian woman can tell you about the city of Paris as Julie knows it. Yes, it's in English (but it's a French woman speaking) and everyone can understand her!


In her new show, laughter is guaranteed when Julie tells you about the legendary negative mood of Parisians, the way Parisians raise their kids, how to prepare a true Parisian diner the and so many other things you can only know if you are a real Parisian...


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Season 2023

où trouver un spectacle en anglais à Paris_ Oh my god she's parisian de Julie Collas
Every  Friday & Saturday evening at 8.00 pm
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Julie collas wrote her show in English Oh my god she's parisian in September 2017. She realised that the offer of English shows in Paris did not really exist. She needed a place to see theatre in English. She wrote her play in English in a few months to be ready to go to the Parisian theatres. Today, her show in English in Paris is one of the top 10 shows to see.
If you have foreign friends visiting and you are looking for a play in English, don't hesitate. OH my god she's parisian is much more than a one man show in english. it's much better than a cabaret show! because you'll learn everything there is to know about parisians. in one hour you'll become a parisian. you'll know why we ask all these questions about parisians: is a parisian nice, why is a parisian grumpy, what is a parisian... how to become a parisian... how to live in paris.
it's not hard to find a place to see english show. you have to come to the Bo saint martin theatre, it's a stand-up venue located in the heart of the parisian theaters district.
su théâtre anglais paris! or mille fois oui! whether you're French or of foreign nationality this is the one woman show to see! if your foreign friends are passing through this English friendly theatre play will make them die laughing. And you do you speak English? you don't need to be an English expert to understand it. you'll laugh! a one man show 100% in English that changes with the news of the city of Paris. 
Going out in Paris? If you're looking for a night out in Paris and wondering how to become a Parisian then look no further: the best and only comedy show in Paris in 2022 is "OH MY GOD SHE'S PARISIAN!
JULIE COLLAS will show you how to become a real Parisian in one hour, in a store, in a café or in the metro, at the end of "OH MY GOD SHE'S PARISIAN". Julie is not an English comedian, she's better than that, she's a French comedian who does a show about Parisians in English and that makes all the difference! "Oh my God, she's Parisian" is a fun way to learn English in a different way.
a show for foreigners, a show for tourists, a very parisian english show, it's great. now there are places to see stand up in american. if you are american and you think that all the plays are in french in Paris you are wrong. Go to the bo saint-Martin theatre to see the best show in Paris in English. 
Julie changes her show very often to keep up with the times. it's a foreign language play that's a hit. the show to see in english in Paris in 2023 is julie collas'. she'll tell you 24 hours of the typical day of a parisian woman who struggles between her family life and everything else because there's no shortage of trouble in Paris. you think that the Parisian woman is well dressed and that Paris is the capital of fashion? you're wrong! Parisian women have no time for fussing, in the morning they put on jeans and a black sweater preferably and it's off to a day at 100 miles an hour!
The show in English 2023 is Julie Collas'! This Parisian show has already welcomed more than 22 spectators from all over the world who want to know more about the city of Paris. why is the Parisian rude, why does he sulk all the time, why is he in a bad mood, why does he refuse to speak English when asked for information? why he feels superior to everyone else? why he looks down on the provincials. it's only julie collas' american english show that will answer all these questions. it's foreign language play, a parisian show in english but with a very parisian spirit. julie loves black humour and will share with you all her anecdotes about the city of light.
OH my god she's parisian it's also a good way to learn english. you are taking english classes and you want to improve? of course there are platforms but nothing will replace a live show in english. julie has a french accent so there is nothing difficult to understand. she also does a lot of gestures and mimes which help to understand the show. each show is different because julie interacts with the audience differently every time. she picks a few people in the audience and ask them questions about their stay in paris so each show is different because of that.

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