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And she quit her job to become a comedian!

How did I become a comedian?


I went from being a lawyer to a comedian, so don't be afraid to live your dreams!

Julie is a real Parisian who resigned from her job as a lawyer in mergers and acquisitions after the Bataclan attacks in Paris. She realised that life was too short not to live it to the full. During her childhood, she lived for a long time in London and in the United States for her studies. That's why she decided to write a book about Parisians, but wise friends advised her to turn it into a play.


With no experience in the field, she set up her own production company Dearestparis Production and created her show in total secrecy.

"OH MY GOD SHE'S PARISIAN!" is the first and only one-woman show in Paris in 100% English that everyone can understand!

In 3 years, more than 25,000 Parisians, provincials, expatriates and tourists from all over the world have come to see this unique stand-up show. She is the only comedian to stage the daily life of Parisians in English with a very offbeat humour.


Her show mixes different techniques such as stand-up, singing, improvisation and mime. The audience lives 24 hours in the life of a Parisian and Julie explains the French news and regularly changes her show according to the Parisian events.


Each show is different, that's what makes "OH MY GOD SHE'S PARISIAN" so special!

A comedy show in English in Paris...
Be the next to book your tickets!

The residents of the French capital may not be known for their broad smiles, but a stand-up comedian teaches them to laugh at themselves. The one-woman show of Julie Collas "OH MY GOD SHE'S PARISIAN!"" demolishes some of the clichés surrounding the city of lights.



"The best show I've ever seen, an UNAVOIDABLE in Paris!
this girl is amazing! I was laughing all the time. She is a real Parisian and she describes Parisians with a lot of humour. I learned a lot about Paris that I didn't know as a tourist: how schools work, how Parisians educate their children, what makes Parisian dinners so stressful, why there is the yellow waistcoat revolution... and she masters improvisation perfectly! I felt like a Parisian after the show !
"An excellent show by a witty Parisian"

If you like comedy and stand-up you will love her! This young Parisian (with whom I had the chance to talk after the show) takes us into her crazy world. She tells us about a typical day in the life of a Parisian woman where she mixes anecdotes about the city of Paris...

what is being a parisian? if you were born in paris it's time to go see the show 100% in english by julie collas "oh my god she's parisian! Julie collas was born in Paris a long time ago; she was a lawyer for a long time and then a jurist and she was getting bored with her defense practice until she thought "there is something missing for foreigners in Paris. of course there is the Lido and the Moulin rouge but there is no one who does a show in English for foreigners passing through Paris.
she thought it would be time for someone to explain to tourists what a parisian is. because paris is obviously the most beautiful city in the world and everyone dreams of living in paris. but what is it really like in reality. what is a parisian. what is a parisian woman. it would be necessary to write a show about parisians but in a foreign language.
and the idea was found? Julie collas was going to write a show in english in Paris about parisians; it would be a play for foreigners in english. of course she didn't think that parisians would also come to see her one-woman show in english. but she quickly realized that parisians wanted to laugh at themselves and that it comes from self-mockery. you don't have to be an english major to understand Julie collas' english show "oh my god she's parisian!" it's very easy. julie explains to you how to be parisian in an hour. how to be parisian in a coffee shop, how to be parisian in the metro and a whole bunch of other things you can only know if you were born in paris. jolis's english comedy show landed at the BO saint-martin theater in september 2017. Today oh my god she's Parisi is one of the top 10 shows to see in Paris. it's the show in English accessible to all English dunces and bilinguals alike. already 25,000 people have flocked to see this unique English one man show in Paris. because yes! Julie is the only Frenchwoman in France who decided to do a one man show in English! It was a daring move and the bet was not won! it is today the only very funny comedy show in English in Paris. Julie makes fun of all the Parisian's quirks and there are many of them: the Parisian is rude and always in a bad mood, he hates speaking English, the Parisian is a snob, the Parisian hates the province... it's simple, after this English show, Paris will have no more secrets for you! It's time to go to 19 boulevard saint-Martin to see this one-woman show in English but so easy to understand. Julie takes you to the Parisian world through mimes, songs, and sketches, each one more hilarious than the last. how to become a Parisian in an hour? it's easy after Julie collas' show you'll feel like a Parisian but it's not sure you'll want to live in Paris anymore. an idea for a night out in 2022. what to do tonight in Paris. an unforgettable Parisian experience. a Parisian show: the only English-language play in Paris.

julie is a parisian stand up comedian. it's true that it's not easy to find comedy clubs in english in Paris but with the theatre Bo saint-martin it becomes easier. what is a parisian? what is a parisian woman? is she chic, how does she dress, is she thin, what does she eat, how does she raise her children? you will get all the answers in julie's one man show in english which is the only one man show in english in paris. it's the comedy show in english you have to see. there is no other show in paris that is written and performed by a woman. this one gives a different point of view to the parisian man. it's parisian life through the eyes of a woman and it changes everything! run to see this unique English comedy show in Paris. what show to see in Paris in 2022? what show to see in 2023? it's Julie COLLAS's show. theatre in Paris in english is great it also allows you to improve your english. you just have to go see a play in a foreign language like english and you will learn to speak english.

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