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The french stand-up comedian who has the only english speaking  show in paris oh my god she's parisian

158 reviews

the must-see comedy show in Paris!

Oh my god she's parisian

More than

30K spectators

A show


in English by a real Parisian

More than


different nationalities

the show in Paris oh my god she's parisian  by Julie collas
a chinese girl with julie collas the french comedian of the show in Paris oh my god she's parisian
a great review on instagram of oh my god she's parisian
a girl saying that julie collas is the only friendly parisian in paris
a rugby man holding julie collas after her show in paris

Wow... I enjoyed it ! Surely the best show in English in Paris. I highly recommend it. An unforgettable moment. Thank you Julie, you made us die laughing!

Gaillagot Pascal 

next dates of the show oh my god she's parisian at theatre Bo saint-martin

Season 2024

Next dates


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Does Paris fascinates you?

Do you want to know more about its inhabitants?

What are their habits and how do they live?

the english comedy show in paris oh my god she's parisian by julie collas

Then don't leave Paris without seeing "OH my god she's Parisian!"


Julie is back with  her NEW show 100% English but easy to understand for everybody because Julie is French (born and raised in Paris) and speaks with the French accent!

She portrays the everyday life of Parisians with a quirky sense of humour that makes both foreigners and French people laugh.

She takes a humorous look at the lifestyle of Parisians and confirms and dispels some of the myths about the most talked-about inhabitants of any city in the world especially since the TV series "Emily in Paris" has turned Paris into a beautiful postcard city that has nothing to do with the reality of what Parisians experience every day!

Julie mixes different techniques such as improvisation, singing and mime.

Each show is different and that's what makes "OH my god she's Parisian" unique!

map of how to get to the theatre to see oh my god she's parisian;



19 Bd Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris, France

Parisian map

Julie Collas

Julie is a real Parisian who resigned from her job after the Bataclan attacks in Paris. She understood that life was too short not to live it to the fullest. During her childhood, she lived for a long time in London and the United States for her studies. This is why she decided to write a book about Parisians, but wise friends advised her to make it into a play.

julie collas and her one-man show in paris next to the arc de triomphe
julie collas, the stand-up comedian on a paris bridge
julie collas, the  french comedian at a café terrace


If you want to see the real Paris in a fun way, follow Julie's famous videos on Instagram: Paris, myth vs reality

FAQ of the comedy show

Do you need to speak fluent English to understand the comedy show in Paris ?

No, the people who come to see oh my god she's Parisian come from all over the world and are not necessarily English speakers. You just need to understand English properly. A French child of 15 can understand English well enough to see the show.

At what age can I take my child to see Oh my god she's Parisian?

We recommend this show for adolescents aged 16 and over, even if we have younger children accompanying their parents.  It is possible to take them under 16 but they may not understand the subtleties of the show.

Does the comedy show contain explicit scenes?

The show does not contain any explicit scenes, but there are a few swear words (Parisians say a lot of them!) and the actress refers to a few explicit words in a humorous way that is not offensive to anyone.  You've come to see a stand-up comedy!

Does the theatre have air conditioning?

Yes, the theatre is air-conditioned.

How many seats does the theatre have?

The theatre has a capacity of 70 seats.

Can we drink in the theatre?

Yes, you can bring your own drinks from the bar inside the theatre.

Is seating inside the theatre free?

Yes, seating in the theatre is free.

How long does the show last?

The show lasts approximately 1 hour and 05 minutes.

How far in advance do I need to arrive before the comedy show?

Doors open 15 minutes before the start of the Parisian comedy show, so we recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes beforehand.

Can I eat at the theatre?

No, the theatre has just a bar where you can order alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

Is it possible to dine around the theatre?

Yes, the theatre is located in a very popular part of Paris for going out at night. It is at the crossroads of the Marais and the 10th arrondissements of Paris, where you will find dozens of restaurants and bars.

Can I see the actress after the english show?

Yes, the actress is always there when the audience leaves the theatre to talk to anyone who wants to.

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