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Where to find English comedy in Paris for non French speakers? The theatre Bo Saint-Martin in Paris is the place to go! 

Defined as a "rare gem", this modern theatre was founded by two television professionals who wanted to have their own live shows.


After a search for the perfect location, they finally decided to transform a comic book shop into an intimate theatre.

Where does the name come from?

The two founders, Bolender and Bonafus, used the two initials of their surnames. This was an obvious choice.

Support for the artists

Having expanded its access to other artists, the theatre is now the place to discover new comedians on the Parisian theatre scene.


Equipped with the latest stage technology, the intimate setting will make you spend a great moment with friends! You will even be able to enjoy a drink with the comedians after the show! 

A place to meet and live

Located just a few steps away from the Place de la République, a very popular place for Parisians, where you will find many restaurants and bars for dinner before or after the show.


More information : 

Capacity 70 seats

Disabled access


Adress : 

19 boulevard Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris

Métro access :

Metro 3 , République

Metro 4 Strasbourg Saint-Denis